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About Rare Bolts

Rare Bolts is an amazing collection of fasteners built up over 35 years in the fasteners industry in the United Kingdom. The complete collection was shipped to New Zealand and may be the most comprehensive collection of classic fasteners in the Pacific. Our fasteners are old-school tough, manufactured in England and Europe. We know of no other collection of fasteners like this, with such a good range of sizes, in the Southern Hemisphere.


We reiterate that this is a collection, not unlike an antiques dealership; what we have is what is available. We cannot take pre-orders. A lot of our fasteners are not available anywhere else in this part of the world, and some of our fasteners are obselete. So rip into it while these rare fasteners are still on offer here!


Threads include British Association (BA), British Standard Whitworth (BSW), British Standard Fine (BSF), British Standard Cycle (BSCycle), Unified National Course (UNC), Unified National Fine (UNC), Metric (M), Metric Fine (MFine) and more.

Maintain the integrity of your project by using fasteners made for the job, whether that's restoring a classic vehicle, building a boat, creating models, or general tinkering.